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Leopold Slikk

Leopold Slikk

Latest Video: Hitler gets an agressive phone call
Hitler gets an agressive phone call

Hitler gets an agressive phone call

Hitler gets an agressive phone call is the 420th video of AGKandvideomaker2000 and the Downfall Parody video.

Ever wonder if the old man got smack talked throught the phone? Wonder no more, here's the video that nobody asked!

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About AGKandvideomaker2000
AGKandvideomaker2000 is a popular Angry German Kid parodist who has been making AGK videos since 2011. There was a period of time where he stopped making them but resumed in 2012. His old account got terminated, so he created another account (this one) and a backup account in 2014. In 2015, he created another account that contains video archives of his terminated account, which is here. Back in 2013, he had positive feedback and a certain amount of subscribers because of his form of making videos.
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